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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 17, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> to that and a bid announcement no one wanted to hear. the commuter chaos no one was to deal with it. >> and the battle with no end in sight. tonight it is time to strike. >> thursday evening bart
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board the but the union to come back to the bargaining table. >> your members announced it will go on strike at midnight. >> i must inform the public debt at midnight tonight we will be on strike. this is not a union strike appeared this is an amendment strike brought on by absolute arrogance and they thought they could take workers' right away. >> the use of this is not about salary of benefits it is about management's hard line about making changes to employees work rules appear it >> the work rules create
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waste and inefficiencies. >> the one to turn the work rules to other arbitrator bart management rejected that suggestion appeared >> not mattresses that wanted give the arbitrator the entire package appeared >> basically there are three options take the latest union proposal to the rank and file and let them vote on it appeared >> the second option come back to the bargaining table and let it would work this out. >> the other one is to take
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the union's latest package and management's latest package and give them both to an arbitrator and see if the arbitrator can come up with. malign >> at this point no word from the union so as of now the strike is still set to go in less than four hours. it >> he is saying and this has to be improved by the entire bart management to take the entire package of two an arbitrator that would have become to 2440 hours a day will have to say that is not a bad idea last do that. >> the unions all we want to
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put the work rule part to an arbitrator. >> but the management does not want to just take one particular part they want to give the arbitrator the entire package. >> continuing our team coverage kron4 j.r. stone is live at the embarcadero bart station. >> frustrated is the august date in the financial district here >> writers are downright angry. >> bart riders are downright angry. what >> thursday i broke the news it to many writers that to that there would be a strike.
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>> when will it end. >> some are upset with grant management. >> the board is bad. it >> cut with the employees. >> i do not think the bart employees have much support from the public. at >> i understand the opinion for not being able to get a raise for 04 years but we are working and looking for jobs this single on realistic as to what the employees want. >> in the financial district you a looking at some
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people making their way into the bart system getting a last minute ride for what could be a myth that strike. it >> more team coverage on the bart strike. >> you may remember that scene during the last bart strike in july that could be chaos. >> this video is from our helicopter partnership with abc news. >> jammed freeways, packed buses, and pool areas. kron4 is charles clifford is live in san francisco with a wide this strike will be
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worse. >> at the number of cars on bay area highways more than 300 to 1000 cars pass through the bay area appeared >> on september 4th of this year that number is more than 360,000, a 2.4% increase. in my riding should has also been steadily climbing 296,006 road bart on the day before the strike in july this year appeared allied it bought shut down those extra risee writers may have to find alternate transportation. >> if there are more people driving there will be more lingering delays and accidence make the commute time even longer. >> commuters are scrambling
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to find other ways to get our round. >> people need a plant be for sure. ala >> some of the popular options are charter bus service you could get a free bus at nine stations the buses will take people to the san francisco transit they term a " no >> east should bay buses dignified a.m.. >> there will be between five and 50 buses at each station tomorrow. >> there is going to be a high demand and parking is also free. >> ac transit is that there
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has not been any calls to add extra employees on friday. >> the fares for ac transit will stay the same. >> the sense francisco bay if barry is an option a special schedule will have departures every 45 minutes. >> the ferry is expecting a lot of extra writers and will have increased ticket sales as well. >> new tonight at 8 rack
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crawling around and you're in on the walls. >> some of the things are bart station agents said they had to deal with in their break rooms. >> today they showed kron4 is just the walden the conditions. net and she found out what bart management is saying about it. airline behind this blue door and the store well inside it is a tight fit. >> signs say it did not throw food in the garbage because are rodents live here. >> if you leave your luggage at the table at right outside to get a soda from a vendor and you come back in and a raft will be in your food. >> dripping down these wall is at year-end slipping through from above appeared >> the room also serves as
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storage at for fliers and the lost and found stuck in the corner is a bike and broken tb perry it >> in response to the dirty daly city board room bart tells kron4 news the room is supposed to be the brochure role " it is not intended to be a break room. but employees have put things in there to make it a bright room just for themselves. >> there is an official brett will on the platform level. >> how do they clean this are " there is a bottle of lysol line around it. >> i think we deserve better state's one of the workers. >> stay connected with kron4 for the latest on the bart strike you can get their
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rate is on kron4 doubt, are facebook and twitter pages or download are mobile app. >> coming up a huge apartment building fire in the peninsula that has dozens of people without a home. we will have more after the break
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management but alike they have to do what all i to reach an agreement. >> when the unions walked out and said it would not want to talk to deliver the ultimatum so we are here to say that we want to keep this process going. we need
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to get an agreement with our union and going on strike is not acceptable and walking away from the table is not acceptable. >> the federal mediator who was working with both sine has walked out but management said they want to resume talks tonight. blyth union leaders want a third party arbitration to work with them all adult work rules, but madness as they do not want to give the arbitrator just one piece of the deal that one to give the arbitrator the toll package appeared >> most major transit systems in the u.s. are not allowed to strike there is the council on this as it is
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time to do the same for bart. >> while the most vocal advocates is steve glazer. >> here's what he had to set that is not acceptable. >> we need a state ban on transit sites so that they will not strike in this would not shut down the city. >> this is such an reporter public access the transportation system where the majority of the people depend on the public transit system would need laws in place to keep the transit system for striking and shutting down and causing the economy in the bay area to look supper.
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>> most of the commuters i have been speaking to have expressed little sympathy for the bart union members. >> the majority of the people said they are tired and frustrated. >> new tonight 8 and only on kron4 we have learned that the prominent stanford researcher and team doctor for the standards is the 49 years was found dead at his home tuesday, had been the focus of a criminal investigation appeared >> the criminal park pro start before the doctor was found. >> here you see how garden his front door is by the san
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mateo county corners. they say they are investigating his death as a possible suicide. >> a wicked to before his body was found this whole street was full of cars and personnel and is one person at least a crime scene investigator early this house with evidence appeared >> she went on to describe him as reclusive pierre >> she says that he was not seen again after that date appeared >> he was a leading researcher in kossuth concussions and brain injuries appeared >> he was also well like an assistant professor. >> a spokesperson for the 49¢ they had no further
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comments about the team doctor. >> the building tonight dozens of people are homeless tonight after a fire at an apartment complex in redwood city. >> this is a complex on woodside road periods mean residents say they had only minutes to get out. >> it was a rude awakening by any measure. >> by 0:00 in the morning. people screaming, alarms sounding, sirens walling and dozens of sleepy residents scrambling for a way out. >> in this v kron4 helicopter partnership with abc seven news you can see how the fire was burning
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through the roof of the terrace. >> apartments here on woodside road. it was a chaotic scene with small oil pouring at first from a fourth floor apartment where the fire is thought to have started. >> at least for people suffering minor to moderate injuries appear it >> at least 70 people chased from their homes, some losing everything to the fast-moving fire made and that much worse by a lack of sprinklers. >> it took more than 100 firefighters to bring the sixth alarm blaze under control just after 9:00 a.m.. it >> there is no doubt about
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our sprinkles do save lives this building was not required to have spurned was. >> what it was another board to stay out there today. >> you are looking at a whether a picture that was submitted by one of our viewers. >> we saw warm temperatures today and if you want to submit a weather picture you could do that for my facebook fan page. >> this afternoon in the '80s for most locations. allied the upper 60s in half
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moon bay. >> tonight temperatures made in the upper '40's and low fifties for friday. >> coming up our breaking news tonight a bart strike is set to begin at midnight. in >> that union leaders made the announcement this afternoon after 30 consecutive hours of negotiations. >> more details coming right up after the break. [ male announcer ] with at&t, you're sure to get a better bundle. just choose the two, three, even four services you want to build a bundle
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the latest now on the breaking news--a bart workers walking off the job. >> the strike begins at midnight tonight. >> there is no indication talks will resume tonight
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after breaking down late this afternoon. >> bart management and its unions ended a marathon 30 hour negotiating session that most people predicted would end up with a new labor agreement appeared >> no such luck. >> now millions in the bay area are scrambling to find out how they will get to work and school tomorrow morning. it >> again bart workers set to strike in less than four hours. >> we all live at the east bay bart station will writers are furious that after the break. [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz
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mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. and now bay area bart workers walked off the job and will strike at midnight. >> just a few hours left to catch a bart trains before workers walked off the job. >> are you use announcing they will go on strike at midnight. >> this comes after marathon talks fell apart today with no agreement. >> we have live team curve rich with kron4 but ben
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carmen live in oakland with the latest. allied >> it back to change some of the work rules and a managed the people who work with them there will be cost savings and that are willing to transfer some of those cost savings over to the employees. >> but don't you is that the changes to the work rules were too much and they could not accept them. >> with tax bart or present to give us a few examples. allied >> one example is to be set to work you can leak 50 minutes early then everybody in that unit will be able to that we give away the ability maddest employees appeared >> we have workers who
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backstays is the e-mail them because we cannot ask them to update the technology. >> those of the things that we need to address in this contract at pier >> if you said you will do everything we did in 97 to but a fortune in bart at a lot of those practices are still in place and we need to update those work rules appeared >> that you propose that the back they send the part of the rope rose to a third- party arbitrator and that the arbitrator decide however management rejected that and said that they will have to send the entire package to an arbitrator and not just the work rules and
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section. >> the board president said he would be willing to send the entire package, to an arbitrator but the used to not want to do that billy was an arbitrator to negotiate and maker, will be on the work rules appear it >> at this point we have talked to several bart union members and they said they did not know anything about that. >> so as things stand right now we are still looking at a possible strike at 12 midnight tonight. >> up the creek without a
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paddle is how bart riders feel fear >> that have had several days to plan for this. >> some commuters and said they were looking at a planned be a long time ago and now some are still looking. >> " i am a single mother with three kids and i don't know how i want to get to work. >> " i think i want to have to get up a lot earlier in the morning. >> i have a couple people i can car pool would but otherwise i would just telecommute and work from home state's one commuter. >> you could understand
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their frustration most of the bart riders are coming from the east bay to san francisco and they say they are want to look at the ferry at that option but the one thing that will not consider is a taxi. >> stay connected with kron4 with the latest of a bart strike appeared >> to get the latest on our kron4 the outcome, facebook and twitter pages or download our mobile app where you can get pushed alerts to get information about the bart strike. >> in northern california costco is recalling thousands of rotisserie chicken because of and concerned about salmonella.
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>> more than 13,000 kirkland signature foster farms chickens are being recalled. >> also related products like sued, chicken salad, and leg quarters. >> their report were removed from the costco in south san francisco. >> had earlier recall was for 9000 chickens. >> there have been no reports of the old nest. >> after four nights of baking a out tonight is a real. >> right now millions in the bay area are scrambling to figure out how they will get to work and how they will deal with a scene traffic tomorrow morning. >> we will break down the reasons for the strike, why it had to come to this that's coming up.
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newton added 8 the federal shutdown is a thing of the past, at least for now but there are a few lingering side effects appeared >> one of them-that's what
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happened in some national parts. >> stanley roberts shows us in this edition of people behaving badly. >> this park has been closed since the government shut down. >> there was a lot of graffiti tagging during the shutdown where graffiti was
8:40 pm
put in the national parks. >> taxpayer dollars will have to be used to clean up this mess. >> it is not just throwing on a total payment appeared park benches and other places were not immune to the tagging appeared >> that's why we cannot leave our national treasure open to anyone. but some people just do not care. >> but john albee blamed the vandals for destroying our parks. >> coming up how the union is the ending is a bold move to walk off the debt job. >> more news right after the break on kron4.
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the big breaking news tonight >> say it ain't so-yes, we are now just over three hours away from the second barge strike in the last four months. >> late this afternoon bart union leaders to make the announcement after 36 consecutive hours of negotiations. >> what happened is the unions decided that it wants to take the money that was on the table but not the work rules and they forced us into a situation where we needed to put an offer on the table that was a black-
8:44 pm
and-white that include a rise that we had set forth. >> it's possibly the both sides agreed on monday salary health and pension but not the work on rules and because of that there is a possible strike that will happen at midnight tonight appeared >> union workers tell us that bart management was trying to strip workers of their rights. >> it was another warm day out there today in the '80s this afternoon. >> it cannot in santa rosa pierre >> more weather coming up after the break.
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it was definitely on the warm side again today appeared >> 72 in daly city and will want to seek some continuing cooling of the coastline as we head into tomorrow. >> 82 degrees to mark in napa appeared >> 80 in sunnyvale. >> the low seventies to mark
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for downtown san francisco. >> a cooling trend into the weekend. >> and sports and in f a l player tries to sell stock-- in himself. player tries to sell stock-- in himself. >> and the sharks back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician. because if there's anything that improves magic, it's math. the only thing he taught us was how to subtract kids from a party. ♪ let's get some cake in you. i could go for some cake. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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now the sports are report with gary radnich pierre >> the sharks are not want to go under beaded tonight the sharks in dallas 2-2 in
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the san jose needs three to two. >> the dallas stars cody terms of the red light and go to a shoot out and dallas is one to be san jose tonight. >> miami could not close the show. >> they're off to a 6-1 start. >> the seahawks and cardinals just wrapping up. >> 34-24 seahawks wind
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appeared >> 34-24 the seahawks won the game against the cardinals. >> the 49 is meet up with an old friend sunday in tennessee. >> the raiders at 2-410
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enjoy a bye week periods >> there raiders at a two-or will enjoy a bye week. >> there ryder set at a two-four enjoyed a bye week. >> tha the oakland raiders now
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have the internet station on pandora. >> runback from houston texas air in foster received a $10 million for a 20% stake in all the future earnings. you can buy a piece of area of boston appeared >> organ is one to wear pink
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helmets' and cleats gloves and socks, all in support of breast cancer awareness. >> bart workers will be walking off the job at midnight tonight it will take commuters a lot longer to get to work will have more information see the strike is on for a midnight. starting at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning will have all of the latest news.
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>> you go to kron4 dot com or download one of our mobile apps see later good night. >> with
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